Aromatic Cedar Soap Dish

Aromatic Cedar Soap Dish

Handmade aromatic cedar soap dishes will help keep your soap dry and long lasting! 


These soap dishes are not coated with any finish, they are all natural and the cedar scent is clean and pure. They are naturally mold and rot resistant and work well in the shower for keeping your soap from melting away. They are made from wood that has knots, so some may have tight knots but they won't fall out and this adds to their beauty.  Each is unique and gorgeous!


The soap dishes are about 4" long by 2.5" wide and greater than 3/4" thick The picture in this listing is a sampling of the product shipped. There could be some with lighter wood color than shown which is natural for Eastern Red Cedar (aromatic cedar)

Water drains from the slots cut into the wood allowing your soap bar to dry quickly.